Since we’ve blasted your feeds lately with the wonderful art house, La Hutte Royal, we’re going to end with a bang and mention some other notable art houses around the US and world. 

Randyland in the Mexican War Streets of Pittsburgh is rather a favorite among locals. This is most likely due to the positive, bright energy his corner of Arch St projects onto the neighborhood and there within his major efforts to help renew the North Side. Open most of the time so stroll over for a visit (and then the Mattress Factory)!

The Watts Towers in Los Angeles’ gritty Watts neighborhood is not often one traveled to by outsiders. However, artist Simon Rodia was a man with a vision! He started his overwhelming and stunning work in 1921 and created a pride within the community that inspired other outstanding projects like the Watts House Project.

The Party Animal House resides on a Detroit street and is part of a larger vision, The Heidelberg Project. It was started by local Tyree Guyton in an effort to rejuvenate his community and show the power of art and positive energy. An applause is due to Mr. Guyton as the project is now in its 27th year! 

Trundle Manor takes it back to Pittsburgh with a bizarre collection of taxidermy, jarred mysteries, medical instruments from bygone eras, weaponry, and so much more - all within their private residence. The couple will welcome you in as they take great pride and care in sharing their passions, artistry and love for collecting! Tours are available so look into it. 

We’ll leave off in Barcelona at Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell. Originally intended to be a housing development, the initiation never quite worked so now it is simply for your viewing and explorative pleasures. A UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest architectural works in South Europe - I can tell you it is well worth the trek! 


**Photographs compliments of:, Honestly WTF, The Heidelberg Project 

Randyland - Pittsburgh, PA  The Watts Towers - Los Angeles, CA. The Party Animal House - Detroit, MI. Trundle Manor - Pittsburgh, PA. Park Guell - Barcelona, Spain